Lisa Recio, Executive Director

Elizabeth, who is better known by her friends and peers as Lisa was promoted to her new role as Executive Director in October 2012. She has attended and dedicated herself to youth oriented programs in and around New York City for an extensive period of time. It was her deep commitment to the success of all children and dedication to the field of youth development that made the decision to promote her, an easy one.

Prior to Lisa’s advancement, she served as the Site Programming Specialist. In this role she developed and implemented Roads to Success’ very first Summer Camp, managed nine afterschool programs and developed and implemented a skill based curriculum for RTS students all while simultaneously developing strategies to utilize the RTS curriculum at program sites and nurturing new partnerships with organizations that utilize the RTS curriculum.  Formerly, Lisa has held the role of Summer Program Director for Oasis Children Services, Senior Program Director for Oasis Community Corporation (prior to dba Roads to Success), and has held the role of Afterschool Program Director of various sites. Lisa has also held multiple positions at Center for Family Life, the Fresh Air Fund, Shorefront, YMYWHA, and Oasis Children Services.

LaKimja Mattocks, Senior Program Director

Brooklyn born and raised, Beacon after-school program participant and youth development professional. LaKimja joins the team with over five years' experience as a youth development professional. LaKimja started out as a volunteer homework helper in an after-school program located in a housing complex across the street from Temple University, where she attended and received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice. It was while studying Criminal Justice that her passion for youth development grew. Instead of working for the justice system after graduating from Temple, LaKimja decided to pursue a career working with young people to prevent them from entering the criminal justice system. LaKimja started her career as the Assistant Program Director for the Development School for Youth, a youth development program at The All Stars Project. She then went on to pursue a Master's Degree focusing on Mental Health and School Counseling from Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus. While completing her degree LaKimja interned at Groundwork for Success, a high school college prep program located in East New York, Brooklyn. Some other accomplishments while interning include creating a stronger partnership with IS 292, one of Groundwork’s partnering after-school sites by implementing Fresh Start, a day school counseling group for students with behavior management needs and building strong lasting relationships with the scholars she worked with. After graduating from Long Island University, LaKimja worked as a Clinical Case Planner for a voluntary foster care placement agency. Shortly afterwards, she returned to Groundwork for Success and held various positions leaving the organization as the Lead Success Coach. LaKimja is currently pursuing a second Master's in Public Administration with a focus in Non Profit Management. 

Davis Connelly, Senior Program Director

Davis Connelly is the Senior Program Director for tuition- based programs at Roads to Success. Davis holds a Bachelor's in Psychology, and has been working in non-profits for over 9 years. Having spent the last 4 years developing our Manhattan School for Children (PS 333) program, he has also helped redesign and manage Roads to Success' registration and account platforms. Along with his service in youth programming, Davis is a visual artist and is very active in international exchange programs in the arts, having attended residencies in Corciano, Italy and the Chautauqua Institution and serving as New York's representative for Cultural Exchange programs for the non-profit International Arts and Artists. Davis loves film analysis, rock n' roll, mythology, the wilderness of Northeastern USA, and being a kid.

Lachrisa Osborne, Office Manager

LaChrisa earned her BS degree in Merchandising Management from the Fashion Institute of Technology.   
LaChrisa Osborne has worked with Roads to Success for the past 3 years having served as an executive assistant to the Executive Director and currently as the HR Coordinator and Office Manager.

Taryn Baker, Human Resources Manager

Born in East Harlem and raised in the Bronx, Taryn is very familiar with the neighborhood and community of RTS HQ, El Barrio. Taryn earned her BA in Psychology with a minor in Human Relations at Pace University in New York City. During this time, she became a member of the prestigious Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Her membership in the sorority reinforced a sense of community by helping to improve social and economic conditions through initiatives and participation in a litany of progressive programs relating to education, family, health, and business.

Taryn has a growing passion for youth programs, having worked in several in New York City including Jumpstart, PAL, James L. Varick Pre-School and After School, Lenox Hill Neighborhood House and The Blue Nile Rites of Passage Program. Her vast experience has given her rare knowledge, insight and understanding of what it takes to build and maintain a successful youth program.

Working in Human Resources at the South Bronx Job Corps Academy helped Taryn hone the skills needed to be an effective Manager of Human Resources. She possesses keen problem-solving abilities needed to help people adapt to the constant changes in the workplace. Taryn also has the essentials for recruitment to fill positons that are crucial to the care and development of our youth.

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