Circle of Courage

At Roads to Success, we believe in building a culture that addresses the universal needs of our future leaders. We use the Circle of Courage as our youth development framework to ensure all young people are successful. It is important that our future leaders experience the values of Belonging, Independence, Mastery and Generosity which are ingrained in every aspect of our programming.

“At Roads to Success I feel I can be myself 100% because the staff take the time to understand what I’m saying and where I’m coming from. They get me. I feel loved here because there was a time that I had some really bad grades and Ms. Kristi was there to help me and talk me through my situation. She even walked me from class to class to get missing assignments so that I could make them up and turn them in.” — YaYa (7th Grade Future Leader)


Feeling welcomed in an environment made by caring individuals who provide support and foster a sense of community, ownership, loving others & being loved.

Being a valued member of a community and having a individual role.

“At Roads to Success I can be myself because I get to express myself and the staff don’t try to control us but to get us to make decisions for ourselves.” — Emmanuel (6th Grade Future Leader)


Making one’s own decisions and being responsible for failure and success

Setting one’s own goal

Discipling one’s self

“At Roads to Success I have learned that I am responsible for my failures and success, because I make the decision if I succeed or not. I choose if I want to keep going or to stop… I usually choose to keep going” — Darlin (7th Grade Future Leader)


Comprehensive knowledge or skill in many areas; cognitive, physical and social

Prioritizing growth in self-control, responsibility, and striving to achieve personal goals rather than superiority.

“Roads to Success helped me get closer to my goal because I want to be a teacher when I grow up. Helping Ms. Lauren with step teaches me how to be patience and work with different students.” — Diamond ( 9th Grade Future Leaders)


Looking forward to being able to give cherished things to others

Looking forward to acknowledge others for their accomplishments and good deeds

“At the beginning of the year I wasn’t as helpful as I am now. Participating at Roads to Success made me interested in helping people in our community. In our Pathway to Success class we talk about helping other that are in need so that they too can be successful.” — Kayla (6th Grade Future Leader)

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