Jacqui Martinez, Site Director

Jacqui is a Lencan artist and educator from Los Angeles. She has worked with youth for more 8 years. She received for B.A. from the University California Santa Cruz and M.A. from New York University. Her focus in education has always been finding ways where youth can create functional art that deals with the injustices or our world, cultural acceptance and identity. She started as an Art teacher and organized mural projects for youth. She then dedicated time to travel and facilitate education/ art workshops in Tanzania, Mexico, Colorado, and throughout California. She is now in New York as a Site Director for Roads to Success in hopes of bringing more social justice and cultural awareness for our youth.

Elsie Aponte, Site Director

Born and raised in NYC. The oldest of 5 children. Elsie began working as a 9 year old in her dad’s restaurant on the West side of Manhattan where she learned a lot about people and management. Elsie went on to The Wood Business School to fulfill her dream of going into advertising. Got married and became a stay at home mom instead, raised 2 biological children and adopted one

Decided to go back to work late in life. I became the assistant to the Director at Reach Charter School for 2 years. Began working at Oasis as a group leader in 2004 at Ballet Tech, became Director and have been at Roads ever since. Simultaneously,  I am a also a Parent Coordinator at Ballet Tech for over 4 years.

Chad Simmons, Site Director

Chad Simmons began his journey in youth work fresh out of high school, where he worked as Corps Member in AmeriCorps program City Year New York. Prior to joining Oasis/Roads to Success in 2011, Chad served as a team leader at the Chelsea Elliott II “I have a dream” Program for four years. As a long-time resident of New York City, he has always been an active member of his community and an advocate for the youth he serves. His passion to support children in his community has always been evident in the work he has done. Chad started his journey with Oasis/Roads to Success as a group leader and has worked in many roles leading up to program director. Chad truly enjoys working as a Program Director at P.S 180 and gets great fulfillment out of the work he and his team has accomplished in one short year.

Michael Thomas, Site Director

Micheal was born in Harlem, and moved around quite a bit since from North Carolina back to the New York City and now to the Bronx. Prior to working for Roads to Success Micheal worked as a supervisor for a Pharmacy chain. Micheal began working for Roads to Success at 19 years old 5 short years ago, and has worked himself from a volunteer to the Site Director of Ampark. Micheal began working for Roads to Success as a volunteer, shortly after he became a Group Leader. Then a Senior Group Leader and an Assistant Site Director before landing his role as site director in 2016. He has worked within the Ampark community as a family worker, and is currently working as a paraprofessional in a 12:1:1 classroom. Micheal is currently pursuing his education in the Psychology and Education field. Micheal continues his work with youth ensuring that everyone is given a voice and the opportunity to become the role model that they can be.

Rebecca Irizarry, Site Director

Rebecca is currently the site director for East Elmhurst Community School. Rebecca has been working for Non-profit organizations for over 8 years. She previously worked in a peace education program providing after school, summer camp, and workshops for over 300 children. During that time, she worked in various positions from group leader to site coordinator. Rebecca has a strong passion for working with children and is committed to ensuring that children feel safe, empowered, and ready to take on the world.

Stephanie Nuñez, Site Director

Stephanie Nuñez has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Boston University and a Master’s degree in Education for School Counseling from Hunter College. Stephanie has been working with students ranging from elementary school to middle school over the past six years. She is currently the school counselor at P.S. 369 and has been working in the school for five years. Throughout this time Stephanie has built relationships with families and students to support them with social-emotional needs. She supports the school with PBIS and working with outside partners such as Visiting Nurse Service and Positive Learning Collaborative. Stephanie also helps to run the student government and supports students in having a voice in the school. Stephanie loves to travel and has been to Brazil, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, France, Amsterdam, Italy and plans on visiting South Africa in the summer of 2017.

Monique Meghie, Site Director

Monique has been facilitating after-school programs for the last 12 years on different levels of leadership. She started out teaching conflict resolution strategies to students, arts and crafts classes and facilitated trainings to staff and parents. She built a strong partnership between the after-school community, the school and community board 10.  While at P.S. 175, she established a performing arts program, which consisted of Drama, Dance, and Chorus.  We performed Annie and Harlem, Cinderella and a host of other shows and special events.  Two of Monique events were featured on the channel 7 news.   Prior to transiting into leadership’s roles in After-School programs, Monique taught first grade at The Children’s Storefront School for 5 years.  I am also part owner of Piragramac Arts, which is a dance school located in the Bronx.

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