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Find the “I” in your Identity

Our Mission

Committed to achievement for all New York City youth, Roads to Success promotes academic, personal and professional development through out-of-school-time programs built on a philosophy of self-discovery. We create and sustain an environment where young people find their identity, build their independence and practice generosity in their communities.

Our Vision

Roads to Success is dedicated to helping young people discover the self-esteem, self-reliance and empathy necessary to become future leaders and driving forces of positive change. We are led by a passionate community of young educators—a lead-by-example staff who are dedicated that all of New York City’s young people are given a fair and equitable chance to fulfill their dreams.

Our Model

The Circle of Courage creates, self-aware young people who have a positive impact on their communities.
In Roads To Success Programs, Young People Find…

  • Belonging – I Am Loved
  • Independence – I Have The Power To Make Decisions
  • Mastery – I Can Succeed
  • Generosity – I Have A Purpose For My Life

“Roads to Success has helped me be safer around my friends. It is teaching me that when other people need help that I should help them. I have helped my whole group and I feel really good after helping them even though I don’t get rewarded. I feel that when you do a good deed that is the reward.” – Athena ( 3rd Grade Future Leader )


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