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Adem Abrham

Nurturing Success Through Finance and Global Impact

Nurturing Success Through Finance and Global Impact

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Adem Abrham's career journey is a testament to the power of thoughtful pivots and a relentless pursuit of impact. Early on, he diverted from the pre-medical track after earning a publication from an internship at Mount Sinai Hospital. Instead, he explored his budding interest in the business world, embarking on a transformative four and a half years at JP Morgan in their Corporate Analyst Development Program.

Born to immigrant parents from Ethiopia, Adem felt a calling to contribute to the positive developments in his home country. In 2018, with a new prime minister advocating for peace and economic resurgence in Ethiopia, Adem left JP Morgan to pursue an investing role. Joining Zoscales Partners, a Danish private equity firm aligned with the UN SDGs, he discovered the potential of investing as a catalyst for job creation and improving access to essential services.

Adem's journey continued with a pivotal decision to pursue an MBA in Finance & Management at Wharton Business School. Navigating challenges of perception, he successfully transitioned from the East African private equity scene to secure an internship with FSN Capital, leading to a full-time position with Blue Wolf Capital after graduation.

A product of Bronx, New York, and a beneficiary of nonprofits like A Better Chance (ABC), Adem recognizes the profound impact of educational opportunities. Now, he sees Roads to Success as a platform to give back and create similar opportunities for inner-city youth.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Adem is a passionate basketball fan (declaring LeBron > MJ) and spends his free time playing at the 14th Street YMCA. His love for reading biographies and exploring the lives of successful individuals aligns with his own journey of remarkable achievements. With a deep-seated love for travel, Adem's peak experience in 2012 took him to over 10 countries across 4 continents in a single year.

Adem Abrham, through his unique journey, brings a wealth of experience, a commitment to impact, and a dedication to creating educational and professional opportunities for the next generation.

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