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Dara Brody

Bridging Media, Law, and Education for a Better Tomorrow

Bridging Media, Law, and Education for a Better Tomorrow

Associate Board

Dara Brody's journey is a tapestry woven with diverse experiences, beginning with her graduation in 2017 and a foray into media investment in Chicago. Her career trajectory led her to New York, where she continued to excel in media investment and strategy for an additional two years. However, Dara's thirst for knowledge and impact prompted her to embark on a new adventure—law school.

Currently a third-year law student, Dara is on the path to sit for the July 2024 New York bar exam. Her introduction to Roads to Success was through the RTS New York Marathon Team in 2020, a year marked by challenges but one that led her to the Associate Board, where she has been an integral member ever since.

Dara's commitment to RTS extends beyond her role; she actively plans an annual trip for RTS students to her law school, providing them with insights into the legal field and valuable connections within it. Her passion for social justice and educational equity finds a natural home within the RTS community, where she actively contributes to these vital causes.

Away from her academic and professional pursuits, Dara finds joy in running, shares a deep connection with animals, and is an avid explorer of the city's culinary scene. Her multifaceted interests and dedication to social causes make her an invaluable asset to the RTS Associate Board, embodying the spirit of change and progress.

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