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Gregorio Concha-Toro

Championing Diversity and Education

Championing Diversity and Education

Board of Directors

Gregorio's professional journey began at Deloitte Consulting, focusing on health care and renewable energy. Witnessing the persistent challenges in DEI even in well-resourced organizations, he transitioned to early-stage start-ups, deepening his commitment to healthcare and underserved populations.

A first-generation American, Gregorio's upbringing instilled a profound understanding of community struggles. This led him to believe that childhood education and diverse perspectives are the keys to solving global issues. His dedication to this cause prompted a strategic detour through business school, enhancing both his skills and network.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Gregorio finds solace in running and sailing. Currently training for the RTS NYC Marathon, his commitment mirrors his dedication to creating positive change.

Gregorio brings a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for making a difference to the RTS Board. His story is not just professional; it's a narrative of resilience, commitment, and a profound belief in the transformative power of education.

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