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Mitch Roy

Charting the Nexus of Tech, Capital, and Empowerment

Charting the Nexus of Tech, Capital, and Empowerment

Associate Board

Meet Mitch Roy, a dynamic force at the intersection of tech, data, and capital, and a valuable member of the RTS Associate Board. In 2020, Mitch co-founded a data solutions and consulting startup, demonstrating his commitment to bridging the fragmented data economy and establishing himself as a trailblazer in the tech and data realms.

Currently serving as a Senior Analyst on Nasdaq's Capital Markets Advisory Team, Mitch provides strategic guidance to executive leadership in the life sciences, pharmaceutical, and medical technology sectors. Drawing on his diverse background in capital markets, entrepreneurship, and strategy, he plays a pivotal role in helping companies navigate the dynamic landscape of the capital markets environment.

Mitch's journey is not only a testament to his professional acumen but also a source of inspiration for others. He actively seeks to inspire individuals to overcome obstacles, embrace opportunities, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those around them. His connection with Roads to Success is deeply rooted in his dedication to empowering children, driven by his own experience as an adopted child and his belief in the transformative power of opportunities.

His fervor for propelling positive change through data, technology, and access to capital resonates with RTS's mission of providing support and guidance to children in need, enabling them to reach their fullest potential. A natural problem solver and analytical thinker, Mitch finds joy in devising innovative solutions and exploring novel ideas—a passion well-aligned with his role in capital markets.

Outside the professional arena, Mitch dedicates his leisure time to reading, engaging in outdoor activities, and exploring different parts of the world through travel. His commitment to continuous learning and personal development is evident in his participation in various initiatives and his active lifestyle—both physically and mentally.

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