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Roland Huang

A Global Citizen on a Mission for Education

A Global Citizen on a Mission for Education

Associate Board

Roland's journey from Australia to various corners of the world has shaped his ambition to become the most well-rounded person possible, accumulating diverse perspectives in every facet of life. The move to NYC in 2022 further accelerated this trajectory, exposing him to a melting pot of diverse individuals and cultures.

Driven by a desire to contribute collectively and gain personal experience, Roland connected with Roads to Success through his own search process. His involvement with non-profits and diverse initiatives led him to seek a more structured organization with a dedicated focus on education.

Beyond his commitment to the mission, Roland is a man of many interests. From playing sports to trying his hand at poker and bartending, he finds joy in the variety life offers. Roland is not only a traveler but also an avid learner, picking up new and eclectic interests over time. Currently, he's contemplating taking Latin dancing classes, a testament to his openness to new experiences.

As an Associate Board member, Roland brings a global perspective, a commitment to education, and a vibrant energy that enriches the RTS community.

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