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Planting Seeds of Higher Education Ambition. Roads to Success Students Explore Fordham University

March 15, 2024

At Roads to Success, we understand the importance of planting the seeds of higher education ambition from an early age. That's why we offer transformative college and career awareness programs that expose middle school youth to the vast opportunities before them.

On March 15th, we had the privilege of taking nearly 100 students from MS 57 and New Design Middle Schools on an inspiring visit to Fordham University. The field trip included a campus tour and financial literacy workshop, providing an immersive experience to spark their collegiate dreams.

As the students walked the beautiful grounds of Fordham's Rose Hill campus, their eyes were opened to the vibrant world of university life. Guided by Fordham's amazing student ambassador Maria, from the Center for Community Engaged Learning, they got an inside look at classrooms, residential halls, athletic facilities and more. 

For many of these middle schoolers, it was their first-time stepping foot on a college campus. You could see their confidence and ambition levels soaring as they envisioned themselves as future college students.

Following the tour, the students participated in an engaging financial literacy workshop facilitated by Olga from StriveHigher Inc. They learned crucial money management skills and how to build wealth - knowledge that will empower them to achieve economic mobility through higher education.

Perhaps the most inspiring part of the day was when the students learned that by simply participating in this tour, they will receive a waiver for the application fee if they apply to Fordham in the future!

Experiences like this are invaluable for underprivileged youth. Planting positive exposure to colleges and financial guidance at a young age allows them to start shaping their academic goals and feeling empowered to pursue them.

We're so grateful to Fordham University, the Center for Community Engaged Learning, and StriveHigher Inc. for partnering with us on this meaningful initiative. And a huge thank you to the engaged, curious students who represented their schools with such poise and enthusiasm!

At Roads to Success, we're committed to nurturing the vast potential within every young person we serve. By continually sowing seeds of exposure, knowledge, and possibility, we can cultivate a new generation of leaders and changemakers.

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