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RTS Honors Dedicated Supporters and Partners at Inspirational Empowerment Brunch

March 25, 2024

Roads to Success hosted an inspiring Empowerment Brunch today, gathering our valued supporters and partners who have been instrumental in our journey of empowering youth and fostering leadership qualities among them. This brunch served as a moment to acknowledge and appreciate their dedication. The event held deeper significance as we came together to celebrate the spirit of Women's History Month. It was an opportunity to honor the remarkable activism and dedication of women who have paved the way, opening doors for the next generation of female leaders.

"Witnessing this room filled with such passionate individuals reinvigorated my belief that through collaboration, we can create unlimited access to transformative opportunities for all young people," said Sheila Duke, CEO of Roads to Success.

The brunch provided an invaluable platform to explore how we can collectively enrich students' lives, offering them valuable experiences, professional development, and guidance in entrepreneurship and leadership. The insights gained will shape impactful new programming.

We were truly touched by the palpable enthusiasm from every attendee. Thoughtful discussions reinforced our unified vision - cultivating an equitable, inclusive world where youth can realize their unlimited potential. The positive energy filled the room as we celebrated collective impact.

A special highlight was the powerful presence of Dr. Scorpio Rogers, esteemed Roads to Success Board of Director, who uplifted the team through words of encouragement while connecting with supporters.

As the brunch concluded, guests departed with the inspirational book "Lead from the Outside" by Stacey Abrams - a parting gift symbolizing our continued motivation for courageous leadership and change.

We're immensely grateful to everyone who attended and demonstrated unwavering commitment to uplifting NYC's youth. Your support propels us as catalysts creating brighter futures. A huge thank you to N. Jacky Martinez and Hot Jalapeno for hosting us and providing the beautiful venue.

Together, we are planting seeds for the next generation of leaders to blossom. United in this mission, our work will echo for years to come.

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