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Roads to Success Youth Gain Valuable Insights at Advantage Capital Career Day

February 21, 2024

On February 21st, 47 enthusiastic Roads to Success youth had the opportunity to visit Advantage Capital's office for an enriching career day experience. The day was filled with excitement as the students got a glimpse into the professional world and learned what a typical day in an office looks like.

The fun-loving team at Advantage Capital greeted the kids with open arms and treated them to snacks and pizza before the session even began. The warm welcome set the tone for an engaging and informative day ahead.

The group was then divided into four smaller teams, each focusing on different topics that the Advantage Capital team had prepared for the workshop. These topics included:

  1. Communication styles
  2. Resume building
  3. Networking skills
  4. Managing professional relationships
  5. Getting ahead in your college years
  6. Running a business

Throughout the sessions, the kids actively participated, sharing their dreams and aspirations with the group. They learned about Advantage Capital's work and how the company is making a positive difference in the world. For many of the youth, it was an eye-opening experience, exposing them to career paths and profiles they had never considered before.

Career days like this provide young people with a realistic view of what they can aspire to be and do in the future. By interacting with professionals and learning about their journeys, the students gain valuable insights and motivation to pursue their goals.

We are grateful to the Advantage Capital team for their warm hospitality and for being such amazing hosts. The impact of this experience will undoubtedly stay with the youth as they navigate their own paths to success.

We look forward to bringing the next batch of young adults to Advantage Capital for another inspiring career day in the near future. Together, we can continue to empower and guide the next generation towards fulfilling careers and bright futures.

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