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Visions of the Future: Roads to Success Youth Paint Their Dreams at Spring Reflection Day

February 21, 2024

Roads to Success recently hosted a profoundly moving Spring Reflection Day for over 150 of our high school interns ages 14-18. As these talented youth depicted their most heartfelt dreams and visions through art, we were left in awe.

These students are participants in our "Work Learn Grow" internship program. This program is funded by the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development. The event marked the halfway point of their winter internships and served as an opportunity to creatively express their innermost hopes and goals as they approach the future. 

Armed with paints and canvases, the students poured their souls into realizing their dreams through art. Their raw visions rendered in vivid color spoke directly to their longings for a better world.

From pursuing careers in healthcare to fashion, from families filled with love to communities brimming with peace - their paintings gave us at RTS a glimpse into the change they wish to see. We were struck by the compassion and wisdom beyond their years. 

Seventeen-year-old Joel's self-portrait set in the future, picturing himself smiling, embodied the optimism within these youth. Many shared a common dream of an inclusive world where all young people are given the tools and opportunities to thrive. The poignancy of their visions left us in awe.

Witnessing these young leaders manifest their potential through such heartfelt creativity was incredibly moving. We were reminded of the power and promise of youth. The RTS Discover Program team spearheaded this emotionally impactful event.

Roads to Success senior leaders also attended to see firsthand how the students' art conveyed the depths of their dreams. Their visions renewed our conviction that progress stems from imaginative minds daring to envision a better future.

At Roads to Success, reflecting on bold dreams is core to our mission of nurturing youth. Thank you to our students for reminding us that inspiration comes from the heart.

Your visions display the promise within each of you.

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